Find out what type of plastic film is recyclable and where to recycle it.

Learn What's Recyclable | Plastic Bag and Film Recycling

Plastic bags and film are not recyclable in curbside programs, but you can take it to store drop-off locations. Find out what type of plastic film is recyclable and where to recycle it.
Learn What's Recyclable | Plastic Bag and Film Recycling
2024-07-17 how to recycle plastic bags and film, plastic film recycling bubble wrap, amazon plastic film recycling, Can I recycle suran wrap?, whattorecycle Unfortunately, the Film Drop-off Directory resource is no longer available. Thank you to the millions who have trusted us as a resource to find where to recycle plastic bags and the many other household film items that recyclers accept and can process for use into new products. Drop-off lists from retailers, insights from recyclers, combined with feedback from the many visitors to the resource enabled us to provide the most accurate directory possible. The Stina team has thoroughly enjoyed responding to your inquiries over the past 15 years.
Stina Inc. is a mission-based research and technology company, that has managed the Film Drop-off Directory. It has historically relied on funding from the plastics industry to maintain the directory and respond to inquiries to support film recycling. The directory was not affiliated with any labeling programs (e.g.,How2Recycle). For nearly a year, Stina has self-funded this free resource to help people recycle their household plastic film. We have made the difficult decision to turn off this resource because we are no longer able to secure sufficient support to continue to provide a vetted Directory and respond to inquiries. Accurate information is very important to us. The most credible alternative to the directory that we can offer, at this time, is the NexTrex website. There, you will be able to find a list of retail chains by state to take your film and be confident that it gets recycled. Why? The Trex Company, who runs the NexTrex program, currently buys baled plastic film and processes it into composite decking. While there are other recyclers beyond Trex, they currently handle a large amount of the post-consumer film collected through drop-off in the United States.
Meaningful engagement, collaboration, and commitment across the film value chain is required for progress in film recycling. Recyclers face many challenges with our current economic system, and we need to support recyclers by recycling right and buying products made with recycled content. Beyond recycling, we also need to focus on rethinking systems and designing towards reducing, reusing, and avoiding toxic materials, as well as supporting organizations working to protect communities and ecosystems from waste.
We all have a role to play in protecting the environment for generations to come and we appreciate your past and continued efforts!
Please join us at We will be working to get more information up on how to support the transition to a circular economy to sustain life on Earth. The Stina Team
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