Plastic bag, wrap and film recycling information and store drop-off locations.

Plastic Bag and Film Recycling

Plastic bags, film and wrap can't be recycled in most curbside recycling bins. Instead, take them back to retail and grocery stores for recycling.
Plastic Bag and Film Recycling
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About Recycle Your Plastic Bags, Film and Wrap at Participating Locations Enter your zip code or address below to find participating drop-off locations in the United States. Most curbside recycling programs do not currently accept plastic bags, film, and wrap. Store drop-off programs have been the primary means of recovering clean and dry bags, film, and wrap for more than 20 years. Retailers usually consolidate the material with other film like pallet wrap at their distribution centers and then sell the material to companies making products like composite lumber, bags and film, containers, crates and pallets.

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Plastic film is an advantageous material choice for energy savings, transport, lifestyle, and GHG reduction. Its also a major concern for the planet. Plastic film and bags are lightweight and easily carried by wind and water directly into the ocean. Once there, they persist for hundreds of years, breaking down into smaller, often toxic particles that are ingested by marine life, from the tiniest plankton to the largest whales. Addressing this problem requires producer and stakeholder collaboration to reduce plastic waste while collecting what exists from consumers and businesses for recycling.

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Look for marked bins at store entrances and exits.